It is truly said that the books are the best friend of human being. One cannot imagine of having any knowledge without books. In modern age, we have a large area of knowledge, which has made it compulsory for the writer to use their pen on all those areas and thus the books are available to consult in each area of knowledge. Manorma (Pvt.) Industrial Trainning Institute has spent a huge amount to get a very large no of books on different topics and thus the Manorma (Pvt.) Industrial Trainning Institute library is very rich and the students have wide option to select the books of their own choice and interest.

The Library facility is available to all bonafide students of the school during the school hours. All classes from class I onward are provide with at least one library period per week. The students are not allowed to bring their personal books in the library.


Children are motivated to do the following activities

  1. Creating / Compiling books.

  2. Enactment on the stories.

  3. Creating own stories.

  4. Book review / Summary.

  5. Critical evaluation of the books.

  6. Book Discussion.

  7. Literature quiz.

  8. Book cover and mark.

  9. Solving puzzles.

  10. Character description.

  11. Finding similar text in other languages. 

Manorma (Pvt.) Industrial Trainning Institute Library has a very good collection of reference books and variety of English Fiction Books. Library is enriched on Gandhiiana Collection. 

Every academic year some books are suggested for reading to each and every class and the children are being judged accordingly. Sometimes non fiction books are also suggested to the children so that they can be motivated to do better in their life even in the adverse situations.

Extended Reading programs are promoted in the library for the personality development of a child.